Local Smooth, Cache Intensities and more


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My Chronosculpt feature wishlist:

- local smoothing to iron out cloth deformations (not only Smooth All)
- painting in screen space or normal based object space
- using SHIFT to invert the brush (see 3D-COAT for this)
- visualization of the brush size/shape/hardness
- store brushes
- allowing to paint (mask) different object caches together
- selection of sub-objects/vertices to mask out the working area
- make UI height of Timeline flexible to navigate the different Morphs more easily
- make Clip Properties Ease In/Out available in one Window
- add the name of the Tool to the Morph entity
- even though has been requested before: local rotate/translate/scale are essential

So far CS looks interesting but I won't get the full version after trial since
it lacks some basic functions. Nevertheless, great approach, hope this gets
an update after so many months...
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