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I'm using Livetext to create title screens for a conference. When I create a textbox for the titles, the text will wrap if the title is very long when I'm in the creation tool. However, when I "export current page" and import it into my tricaster project, I would expect the same behavior. However, in this case the text does not wrap and just exceeds the boundry we had defined within the livetext creation tool. In fact, the text will exceed the 1080x1920 boundary.

Is there something that I can do to get liveedit to wrap text or is this a lost cause?


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Are you using an Advanced Edition TriCaster?

If not, this won't work. Standard TriCasters don't support paragraphs.

If you didn't hit enter to make the text area longer, LiveText will just think it's a single line and only create a single line in the exported CGXML file which will act exactly as you say.

Copy/pasted from another of my posts:
To create a paragraph text area in LiveText, I find it's easiest and most reliable to put in stand-in text so that it pushes the bounds of the box out rather than drawing out an area.

Start a line of text and hit enter, optionally adding more text, to expand it down. Do that to get the desired height of your box and have one line somewhere that will expand it to the correct width. You can also set your alignment to centered, left or right now before you export or change it in the editor later.

When it creates the CGXML, it should make a paragraph area which will wrap properly until the point the text flows off the bottom and is cropped.

If these titles are used on a Standard Edition TriCaster, it will show up as individual lines.


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Entered this into the wrong post, but still applies.

Here are pictures of what John is talking about.

LiveText title design:

Template in TriCaster:
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