LivePanel DDr Control not working ?


I just updated my VMC1 , and now having troubles to use the media page in Livepanel, I can hardly access the DDR1 , but not the others DDRs, even if I load clips manually in those directly from the tricaster UI.

Am I the only one ?




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I'm not aware of any recent changes to the code, so if this has been working, it's odd and I have no suggestion. (If this is a beta version, please bug it.)
It's not a beta, latest official release from Dl page.

I created a new project, same thing. I can only access one DDR, after putting a clip in it through TC UI. Example in screen shot attached with DDR3 . If I load a clip in other DDR, it does not appear in the selection bar.

Livepanel bug.JPG


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Curious ... I've got no suggestions, apart from trying a new session, or clearing the history on the browser.
I did the new session, and the browser is not concerned, as I get same behaviour with local VMC browser or from another computer.

Will open a case.


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I've seen this as well. We've needed to populate each DDR with something before it is accessible through the LivePanel


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I've also seen it. Effectively you need to populate the media players if you wish to see them on livepanel. A browser refresh works for me once I've loaded a media from the tricaster UI. It seems that you've already did it, if so, I don't know how to help better.
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