Livematte is beyond half decent

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Livematte is an excellent chromakeyer if you spend some time with it and if you've actually done a good job shooting - meaning the chroma key is a single bright & vibrant color and evenly lit, but allow me to save you the time after having done about 100 keyed backgrounds on talking heads recently and getting nice products on each one - even a frizzy blonde!

Matte tolerance around 20-25
Smoothing at 15-25

Edge X Size 15
Edge Y Size 15

Contract 255
Smooth 150 - 255 (usually full)

Tolerance 15-30
Smoothing 10-20

If you're using presets (user splines) they will mess you up if you don't know and do this:

The application of a preset that has color correction changes and livematte will mess up unless you do a certain series of steps. Applying the preset to a newly imported greenscreen shot will give you an obviously wrong result because the greenscreen color is different. You have to click the livematte color and re-select the new one, BUT FIRST, uncheck the color correction adjustments so that they no longer affect the livematte's color selection. The color correction is downstream of the livematte in the hierarchy, but the selection of the livematte color is done a moment after the color correction preset is applied, which alters the chroma key's ability to properly function. That's why you have to turn color correction off while you select the proper livematte color.

And after you have tweaked the settings and gotten the key to look almost right exceopt for a few greenish tinges that you just CAN'T get rid of, use the selective color function to get rid of it:

1) Narrow down the selective color tolerance to about a third of its size

2) Use the color picker to find the greenest part of your image (or blue for bluescreens)

3) Bring the smoothness down to only 1.00.

4) use the RGB selection function in the vectorscope on the right of the selective color window

5) drag the green channel top edge drastically down, almost all the way down to about 10 percent

6) grab the color select circle in the color wheel and drag it around until you see radical color changes only on the green tinges that you want to get rid of (this takes some dexterity!). It will glow red or orange because of the drastic change to the green channel.

7) go back to the green channel, bring it up to about 90 percent or so, and also adjust the bottom edge of the green chanel, drag it down 10%, and tweak them till you're happy.

8) Bring the smoothing up till you're happy, keep tweaking settings till you're really happy.

9) Save a preset if you like - it will apply livematte, color correction and selective color correction settings when applied, but you'll have to go through this procedure each time you apply it to a new clip.


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I *just* noticed livematte in our newly-upgraded SE 2.5 just last week. I've been meaning to check it out, and I'm certainly not above learning from the efforts of another before me. (Isn't that what flight recorders are for? :D)

Thanks again!

Mutley Eugenius

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(Isn't that what flight recorders are for?)

I have one of those too.

I'm not kidding - I live on a cruise ship. Standard issue for all passenger ships now.
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