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run a VT 5 system that crashed repeatedly when I used the internal CG. I purchased a very nice Dell Precision laptop to run Live Text from and the problem stopped. Now I have purchased Live Text 2 with Data Link and not been able to make it work with a Daktronics scoreboard. I have been able to verify that the Daktronics scoreboard is communicating with the laptop and have had several discussions with NewTek tech support. The latest reason (among many) that I have been given for the problem is that our laptop has Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. I was told that if I went back to Service Pack 2 it would work. Of course the laptop came with Service Pack 3 and don't have SP 2 to go back to. I was then told that if I upgrade to Windows 7 it will work. My fear is that I invest another 20 hours into this and it still won't work. Anyone who has run into the same experiences?

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