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On the VT5, it says i can do live streaming, i have a few questions though, i know it should have a record to hard disk option. But can you do the normal record instead of the record to hard disk option at the same time that the live streaming is going on, unless record to hard disk option is pretty much the same thing.

With the record to hard disk option im curious as if it save it at stream quality or full quality as its coming in.

Im asking this because we need to record it at the highest quality as its coming in like normal for later use, but would like to stream it as well.


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Using the record to disk option there does record the file at the same quality that you are streaming, which you probably wouldn't want to use for editing later.

Instead, you should use the capture module to record your "program out" video and audio. You can record that in DV or Uncompressed or whatever codec you might need. That will give you what you need for post-production fun.

You can do both if you want, and have the WMV ready to upload to a web server for on demand style viewing.
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