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Is there a way to horizontally flip (mirror effect) camera A over B?

Can someone upload a live set that horizontally flips camera 1 over 2.

I am working with a green screen, but it's unnatural to look at yourself when you are used to looking into a mirror.


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I'm not sure what you are asking for with flipping 'Camera A' over 'Camera B' - Are you simply looking for a set that reverses what you are looking at in a talent confidence monitor (eg -assigning one of the camera inputs to Input A, and then flipped horizontally)? Do you want two video sources displayed simultaneously with one flipped?

Be happy to help if you can give me a few more details...



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If you have a XD model other than the 300, you can rotate the Inputs right in the Virtual Input. It allow rotation on the X, Y and Z. You want to rotate the X 180 degrees
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