Liquid pressed out of container.


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Liquid pressed out of container.
the liquid relaxes after being pressed into
the lower container.

this is possible with the option "spread"
in the scatter node as this function specifies
how far the particles/voxels may move away
from each other per simulation step.
(Distance to randomly move from the voxel center).

Depending on how the value is set, liquids
can shrink or be pressurized in closed containers.
when this liquid escapes from the container,
it will behave according to the spread value.

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Perhaps some vulcano spewing magma and flow would be something of a challenge.
the actual glow of it all and apart from that, what scale to work on...If you put in humans as reference in the scene.

The suggestion came to me right now after watching some Icelandic vulcano activity that is going on now, don´t think I am up for the challenge though.
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