Link Faders in Apps to Supplemental Output Device to Allow External Mixing of Channels -TC2


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I am using an external mixer (Allen and Heath Avantis) console to create external sub mixes of my audio which I am sending to the mixer via Dante. My plan was to send individual Zoom feeds and monitor each one individually on the external mixer by duplicating several of the TC2 audio channels on the internal mixer to create multiple “apps” channels. I would the grab each subfader and pull it down leaving only one fader up per channel. Then in “supplemental output devices” I would select a different Dante channel. To make this work though, the “Supplemental output channel” option needs to read whether the subfader is up or not. Currently the status of the subfaders is not tied to what the supplemental output channel feed. Could a feature be added (such as a pre/post fader option on the routing screen for the subfaders to control the feed?) this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Hi JHUVideo,
Some thought: at first I thought that the supplemental audio device is just a helping tool and if used via Dante it is only meant as a (dump) digital cable.

But during some vizrt learning lessons I heard things about programmable macros with self defined variables. So there might be a chance to have it switched on or off via programming. But - as I understand - not as a fader.

Third thought - which should work (is working in vectar systems): as a VST Plugin it works on a software mixer. There should one be delivered with vizrt vectar plus - which is NewTek's TC2 as a software/cloud solution. So this should work on our systems as well. In the software mixer you can rout and build mix-minus for all live call apps and rout them further.
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