Lightwave to Unity Workflow (sphere uv problems)


Anyone have any best practices for creating UV maps that will work seamlessly (pun intended) with the Unity 3D engine?

1. I created a sphere using tesselated sphere in Lightwave.
2. Created a UV map (tried several, but the picture shown was with an atlas style projection, linear subpatch interpolation)
3. Sent to layout - turned lights off, set global illumination to 100%
4. Used a surface baking camera to create the UV maps (saved out the color map)
5. Exported using FBX in layout (models, materials and embedded textures checked)
6. Added the fbx to my unity project
7. Associated the surface image to the unity material.

It almost works, just has broken seems.



Any ideas?

(I left a lot of details out, so if there is a critical question, let me know and I'll add more info)



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It's rather problem with Surface Baking Camera.
It has (or had) some issues while rendering.

That's why I wrote Batch Baking Camera
You can see on video tutorial (in 4-5 minute) that I am showing were Surface Baking Camera had some problems and compare to Batch Baking Camera the same area.

You need to adjust Border Size.

Somebody seriously making 3D games assets should have both rendering cameras, prior starting to work. If one camera will render some area wrong, he will be able to render in 2nd baking camera, and then merge broken area in Photoshop putting renders to layers and using f.e. eraser tool.
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Looks like some of the empty pixels are bleeding into your UV for one reason or another. Open your baked image in photoshop, select everything that is outside the active texture area, grow the selection by 1 then use shift F5 (content aware fill) to color all the surrounding areas the same as the used image. Save it as a copy just to be safe and try it.


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It's been a known issue for YEARS and needs fixed. Add in rounder issues, discontinuous uv bugs and so forth that make game workflow a pain.

Couple of workaround ways to do this.

1. Bake in x64 version with the edge expand filter and apply that to a non padded bake render. Edge expand is a free plugin only available for x64.

2. Bake/render with no edge padding and use the dilation filter that comes with xnormal in Photoshop. Also free. It relies on an alpha Chanel being present. Easiest way would be to save out as 32bit Png and apply filter in Photoshop, from recollection.

This is the problem with lw. Too much relies on freebies and additions from nice people in the dev community to try and patch up holes and bugs in the main app. Then when they move on, stop support and development, the site goes dead etc, those holes reappear. Most people will not hunt for the fixes and just use another 3D package out of frustration. Then broadcast to everyone else that lw is ****. IMHO. Disappointing.

Anyway, hope that helps you out. Say if you need more info. A Google search should get you what you want.


I should also mention that you could use the free texture baker plugin for modeller.

An alternate is also to use the free copy/paste exchange geometry scripts which are on GitHub. Take your geo, materials assignment and and uv's to modo and bake there.
Modo also has unity materials support. You don't need to save out as fbx either. Unity wil read modo lxo files. It also supports instances which is sweet.

Nt - please take note. Unity and unreal seamless io support would be a welcome addition to the next release.:)
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Just wonder if you added a pixel border in the baking cam?

If not... The setting "UV Border" in the Surface Baking Camera should make sure your maps extend past the UV edges. (It's not a great algorithm unfortunately, but I've got bug reports in for exactly this, so hopefully this will get fixed for the next version.)

Aggressive mipmapping can cause this... but it's not recommended to turn it off in Unity, LW should be able to bake maps out like that.

Other things to help:

This free plugin for photoshop does a GREAT job. Solidify!!

You can download it here:
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