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Hi all,
I have been using Lightwave since v4 and had some success bringing products to life in augmented reality print campaigns back in 2016. The rep from the mag wanted all his ads to be able to deliver AR so looked for some youtube esk upload solution since coding and building an AR app for each advertiser was a non starter. When nothing offered the level of custom AR quality our Lightwave to Unity workflow did, I committed to building just that. A platform that turned the complexity and cost of AR code and app development into an upload. 4 years later exists. AR seemed like a great new canvas to help fuel, new use-cases for 3D work. Figured if I could ease the adoption of AR so a non programming 3D artists became the sole provider in an emerging industry everyone would win. Brands could bypass costly specialized tech teams and engage a 3D artist to bring their marketing, advertising and training to life.

That said as we just launched, I am reaching out to fellow 3D artists to intro a new way to generate augmented reality and invite you to check a couple tutorials, test the platform and what I consider to be the 1st universal augmented "Reality Browser".
My workflow is Lightwave for Models prep and Animation into FBX, import into Unity 2020.3 ( w/their universal render pipeline), added interactivity as needed using Unity's drag n drop event triggers, and save AssetBundles that are uploaded to ARConnex. Having worked with both custom AR development and this platform ( although as the creator I am impartial ) it's a dream. The pipeline above, to go from FBX to AR is shown live in this 9min tutorial. Workflow Other tutorials in the "How To" page of the site, onboard 3D artists who have never used Unity.

As part of our launch we are opening our AR Showcase viewable all Reality Browser users, to any 3D artist that would like to promo their work free. Similar to websites where each has its own brand and links, Reality Browser works the same with every AR experience created having its own Branding and Links. So your work would drive your promotion and link back to your URL directly. I have created over 400 experiences on the platform and 20-30 are in the AR Showcase to give you a sense of what can be done, but having styles and creations by an array of 3D artists will not only give audiences an array of AR to view but also provide Brands and Agencies ( the ARConnex customer) with conceptual ideas and a way to connect directly to 3D Artist to hire and make their visions come to life.

Reality Browser supports both maker-based AR for print/image recognition and marker-less SLAM for ground plane recognition and environment tracking. It also supports 3D displayed at real world scale for accurate product placement or user controlled scaling up to 10X for large scale immersive experiences. Reality Browser is free on iOS and Android and driven by the cloud so can display millions of experiences. All experiences created provide a deep link as well that loads AR directly from mobile, but can also link direct to other AR experiences. This brings the power and familiarity of hyperlinking to AR.

If you would like to showcase your 3D works in AR, register for a free account and drop me a email @ rmckeever-at-arconnex-dot-com for an invite.
We further automated Video AR to an upload so open to displaying demo reels in the Showcase as well.

Being in stealth mode for 2 years until the patents were finalized sucked, so any feedback or questions from the LW community are extremely appreciated.

Thanks and all the best,

Bob McKeever

Youtube Channel with examples


this is very cool, I am just starting to get into AR with Adobe Aero. The problem with Aero is that you can only use ios, and not android so that leaves a large segment of my audience out of luck. I am going to look into your tutorials and see what I can do. Thank you.

interesting !

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erikals, thanks for sharing!
tonyrizzo Thanks for taking a look!

Happy to answer any questions that arise, we also killed 30 trial and made the upload/create AR platform free.

Part 2 of the workflow tutorial is online, showing how to add interactivity without code.
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