Lightwave scenes into Shockwave 3D?


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I don't have SW3D but I was wondering if I can make a scene in LW and export the objects and animation to SW3D and render it from there. Is this possible? I only ask as a web designer I know has SW3D and I wondered if I could pass him LW scene files to render out for me.



You can convert if you have something like Deep Exploration. In DE, it's just a matter of opening the LW scene and saving as SW3D. If they have Director, you can export as SW3D from Layout (32 bit only AFAIK) and ask them to take it from there. Unlike DE conversion, the resulting SW3D file requires Director for use on the web. Another option is to export as VRML from Layout and give them that, if they can handle it.


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well, with me I simply created my scene and then exported to shockwave...and then you star to understand all the problems we have with these export. Bones, weight maps, just do it, and come back here to ask for help if you find any problems.
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