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Just an update, but it looks like Anthony Hall, who has done an amazing job supporting LW through these uncertain times, has changed his channel name officially to LightWave Salvation. I think that name is more than apropos!


Nick Pellegrino of asileFX seems to have put all the previously paid Lightwave courses free on Youtube:-

There is also a LWCAD course too:-

His channel playlists worth a general look anyway. :)

Yeah..forgot to check it when you posted this..
Here´s the lightwave playlist...

It´s a lot so Thank you Nick Pellegrino.

He did some newer vue vids as well..covering wispy clouds, but I think you can get better results with Lightwave ..if done right.


Youtube links! version 4,
sidenote, only Youtube sites that contains tutorials / tips / tricks.

October 10 - 2021

Thank You to All of You!  




Adrian Kulawik

Andrés Sánchez - SomniArt3D

Al Crooks / Pinkmouse

Alex Hartley

Andrew Comb

Anthony Hall - West Notts College

Antti Järvelä

Artur - Render UP


Brent Alleyne

Bryan Phillips / bryphi


Carlos Caldeira

Carlos Vivas

Carmen Rizzolo - Carm3D

Champ Lein / LookingMercury3D

Chilton Webb

Chris Jones

Chris Scalf

Craig Monins / RebelHill


Dana Burman / dwburman

Daisuke Suzuki

David Agüero

David King

David Ridlen / Mr Rid

• Emulyator / N-A

Eathorne Choongo / Learn LightWave 3D

Erik Alstad / erikals


Fabio Annunziata

Greenlaw / Little Green Dog

Greg Sullivan

Hans Spilliaert - HSP3D

• Hawaii Film School


Ian Thompson

Ivan B / Top of 33 Multimedia

James Hibbert / BookMansBlues - LightWave to Unreal  (+more)

Jeff - Pixel and Poly
SubD -
Modeling -

Jerome Leoni / Voxel Saturne

Jeremy Park / Park 3D

Jonathan West / DeadSet Anime

Jose - Digital Mind


Kemal Günel

Kevin Fanning

Kevin Phillips / kevman3d

Kirk Miller

Kurt Smith


Labanchi Antonio / LABA  (Italian)

LA LightWave / LALWUG

Larry Shultz / SplineGod


Lino Grandi

Louis du Mont

Luciano Peluccio


Mark Warner

Marco Chow - HolyStrokes

Mauro Corveloni - Maurocor
just one video tutorial at the moment, but the video covers FiberFX from A to Z

Martin Zapata / NeonZ

Marty J - Atomic Poly

Michael Ivarsson / Prometheus

Mikael Burman / Cageman

Mike Green / Dodgy

Nick Pellegrino - AsileFX
LWCAD course


Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos - Probiner

Peter Balazs / Vitko / Cosmic Ninja

Phil Nolan

Philip Staiger - Howler

Rene Falk Thomasius / LightWave Guru

Rey Boni - ATOM TV  (no audio)

Richard Thomas

Robby / Robby's Art

Ryan Begemann / rjb99

Ryan Roye / tnd Studios


Sahin Derun

Scott Bragg

Simon Smalley

• SpacialKatana

Steve Clarke

Steve Gilbert - cresshead

Stephen Burns - chromeallusion

Steven Scott / OnlineRender / none none


Tamachiyo / たまちよCG

Teddy René Hansen / mis

Tim Laird - LairdSquared

Tim Parsons / TheLightWaveGuy

• waveguideECS

William Vaughan
LightWave 8 -
LightWave 9 -

Yunus ÖZ

Zuanazzi Massimo / Maxreal

Zahir K Lazarus


Company / Commercial Links >

these are great thank you!!
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