Lightwave navigation and controls break when accessed remotely


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Hi, with all the Covid shenanigans recently, I've been using remote access a lot more. I currently have my PC set up for remote access, and I can connect to it with my Macs using Jump Desktop - a Mac windows RDP client.
This works brilliantly for all my apps and even supports sound (something that's quite a challenge for most remote solutions). However, Lightwave - uniquely as far as I can tell - seems to suffer critical navigation issues when used remotely.
You can click on things OK, but click and drag seems to be broken - so navigation in the viewport is impossible using the UI buttons. And you can't drag objects or cameras around using the mouse.

Initially I assumed this was a limitation of the RDP client software, but I tested it with Cinema4D, and that works fine with it. It's a real pain - and unfortunately its a showstopper for what would otherwise be a very useful way for me to access my windows 3D box from both my office and at home. What is interesting is that keyboard navigation works in modeller (holding down the alt key and dragging works in viewports). It's just the buttons and other gizmos that don't seem to be working.

I've recorded a video showing the issue. If anyone has any idea of how to solve this, please let me know. Of course it might be a fundamental issue with the underlying UI code, in which I can try bug reporting it.

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Did you use Help > Submit a Bug Report?

Try different remote desktop app for Windows i.e. built-in Windows "Remote Desktop Connection" app, connecting to other Windows, to see if it also has such problems.

Try different remote desktop app for Macintosh, connecting to other Macintosh, to see if it also has such problems.


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I posted on the Facebook group - and the solution was to enable Tablet mode in the general prefs. Weird - but it works! All runs great now


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I'm using the native windows RDP client. Setting the host machine to tablet mode does not work for me. I can't rotate/pan in modeler by dragging on the tools. Super frustrating since every other app works fine.


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Oh, tablet mode in lightwave....That fixes controls in layout. Didn't know that existed. In modeler, it's in display options -> interface -> input device
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Also look to this RDP display support if you have nvidia GPU on the host machine:

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