LightWave Importer for Unity


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I tried contacting the developer for one year about making updates for LWImporter for new Unity success - he rejected to update plugin (Lazy? Angry? no freaking idea)
If somebody has skill with C# I can share the plugin for fixing.
Yeah pass it along, I should be able to get a programmer to look at it


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Actually, 2 days ago Developer DXR system from Unity helped me!!!!!!
So I have a working version in the official 2022/beta/Alpha version!

If somebody wants this I can share it, but to be legal with this I need to see the purchase confirmation of this asset.
yeah I'd love a copy. How do I prove purchase?

Yanus 3D

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You can support Chris (Meja) for future LWImporter updates:
Lightwave Importer and LWO Importer no longer work with the latest version of Unity3D, unfortunately. The cost of updating them outweighs any future profits I hope to make. However, if I can raise the money for this goal then I will update the software on the Unity Asset Store. It should take a week or so in my 'spare' time. Lightwave Importer: Note: please ensure your donation message contains 'LW Importer'
I have my few percent there :cool:
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