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I'm looking for an experienced LW Generalist in CT or Southern MA. to take over my job when I retire in three years. I specialize in technical animation and create photo-realistic renders for technical documentation and CONOP briefing packages for multiple audience levels of our customers.

This is an excellent position for a highly-motivated, self-starter seeking a long-term, secure job in a challenging environment supporting critical national security programs. I've been involved in this arena, (multiple positions/locations) since 1980 and it's been a terrific career. One briefing package I contributed to contained an 18-minute animation that was shown to the National Security Council, so you never know where your work might end up!


US Citizenship required.

Ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret / SCI security clearance with 5-year polygraphs and update investigations. (Waivers can be obtained for voluntary disclosure of prior minor drug use and other misdemeanors, but felony convictions or multiple DUI's are a show-stopper.) The initial investigation process takes approximately 18-24 months, but is slowly getting faster. (This is why I'm looking for a replacement now.) Once you're cleared, I'll provide all of the requisite background training for the position within a secure facility.

Preference given to applicants with active and former security clearances.

Short-term travel possible when needed to gather reference material or witness an event.

Telecommuting is not possible.

The position reports to multiple program managers, which allows for a lot of variety. Deadlines are rarely short-fused, but occur infrequently. Most of the tasks take a couple of hours or weeks. Some take years, so there's always something in the pipeline to work on. I set my priorities based on deadlines.

Good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop / After Effects / Premier is a plus. If your expertise is with other non-linear editors, that's okay too -as long as it's US-produced software. No plugins allowed unless their origin can be verified as US-made.

Any technical engineering-related skills, (especially blueprint drafting, Labview coding, precision mechanical and electrical assembly) are very helpful to keep you busy while awaiting a clearance. Other work may be found for you depending on your skill sets during the wait period. It may not be glamorous, but it pays the same.


Job-related training available - Identify a class that has relevance to the job and get paid to learn! The company even sent me to the DAVE school for LW training!

Excellent pay, (up to six digits, depending on qualifications) and full benefits (paid time off, medical / dental plan, 401k among many others).
Work is performed in an environment with low personnel turnover and plenty of work - job security is excellent --unlike most positions for 3D artists!

Relocation package possible for a very qualified candidate.

Flexible work schedule - manage your own hours with minimal supervision. Typically, I work a five-day followed by a four-day work week, giving me two three-day weekends each month.

Forward any questions to my PM, not an open forum, please. I won't answer any in this thread.

I hope to get a great replacement!


If someone is hired, I'll note it in this thread, otherwise this is an active job listing until filled --or I retire. I don't expect a surge of applicants for this type of position, but for the right person, it could be a very satisfying career.
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