LightWave Express to VT3


Cartoon-based life form
Hello, you need to render your Lightwave animation out to a file, then load that file into VT.

The quickest way to do this is to choose .RTV animation format in Lightwave's render options. This will produce a file that will load directly into VT. Unfortunately it is buggy; for me it works for short animations but not long ones.

The next choice is to render out individual frames from Lightwave, and combine them into a single .RTV using Aura. I use PNG24 format if there won't be an alpha channel, and PNG32 if there will be. In Aura you set the input type, load the sequence of frames, set the output type, and save the .RTV.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Lightwave and Aura are extremely complex programs compared to the rest of VT. If you need help doing the above, try the manuals first, then ask and we'll try to help.

Good luck! -MG.
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