Lightwave Artist in Quebec/ Canada


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Good day all.

I'm looking for LW artist in Quebec / Canada for an incomming major project.

sometimes i feel i'm the only LW user in you got skills and are in Quebec. please email me at.

[email protected]

u can also post your info here.

thank you


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haha yeah we have the same problem in OZ :) You probably need to import telent from the states.


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Tu n'est pas seul je suis au Québec aussi et un des premiers artiste 3D depuis le début des années 90!


I've been in Quebec once. The old town is amazing. Even got a nice mug for my wife. Does that count?
edit: My goodness, I'm responding to a 15yr old post. That's pathetic. Any more users alive in this ghost town called "job announcements"?
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