Lightwave 9 not recognizing 3D ACT


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I have been trying for a week to get 3D ACT installed with Lightwave 9 on a new Mac pro G5 and cannot get LW9 to recognize 3D ACT. It finds the plug-ins but does not open with any 3D ACT tabs or references in any menu that I can find. Layout or Modeller. Any tricks on the install that I may have missed. I looked at the tutorial, which is LW 7.5 and the 3D arsenal tab that you see there is not preset on my LW 9 menu. Did I skip something on installation. I have read through all of the references made in the forum as to these problems, but nothing seems to fix this issue on my G5.

I really look forward to 3D arsenal making Lightwave 9 "easier" for me to start using. Now if I can only figure out 3D arsenal and how it interfaces with LW 9 my world would be rockin'. I think I may have to start over with my installation. I think there are some changes in LW 9 that haven't been addressed yet when it comes to 3D Arsenal. 09 is our first version of LW.


Rob Piekarski
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Don Ballance

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Hi Rob,

Sounds like a config issue.

Send me an email with you phone number and I will get up going fast.

Sorry for the issue.

We should have new configs, interface loader and tutorials on installing them on the new 3DA website today.

But email me and I can email you what you need and walk you through it in a minute.

Thanks Rob and remember, I am in Longmont, CO and always willing to help.

Not to mention I co created 3DA.

We will get you going


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Me Too!

I just install LW9 and can't see how to get 3DA going. I have LW9.3 on a PPC G5. What do I need to do?

Matt GErard


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I'm having the same issue. I just purchased 3d ars, ran the setup.jar file. It copied some files to /Applications/3D Arsenal Master Content. I then copied the 3 files from the CD, MAC 3DACT Configs folder to my /Library/Preferences.

In Layout I scanned the Plugins directory of Lightwave 9.3 (just loaded 9.3.1). That is located in /Applications/Lightwave3D 9/SharedSupport/Plugins.

And I copied the Presets to /Applications/Lightwave3D/SharedSupport/Presets/Surace Editor

Any help would be appreciated. I'm a bit lost.



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Think I have most of it working now. Didn't see that there were updates on the website. I did have do a handful of manual things to get it working. Saw two errors when playing with some of the scene files. Can't remember first one, but second one was related to avi plugin not being loaded.

So many scenes to play around with and so little time. Wish there was a thumbnail preview tool for the different scenes. :)

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