Lightwave 3D - Tutorial Videos



Absolutely, I hate when others mentions a plugin but do not provide the link, though I didn´t have much that time, and also considering the actual place where it should be updated is a mess (lightwave plugin database)
So had no time to research where it was.

But hey..You also :D provided a link to an older PX_bezier version(014) there should be an v.016.

As for the vids, great...I don´t think those were published on youtube, they should.


Love your tutorials, great work.

What plugin/ script did you use to pull out the tentacles on your nerve cell model tutorial?

Thank you very much for your support.
I take care not to use any plugins. If there is a plugin I use, I share it in the description section and I think I have a video in that style.

By the way, there are two shortcut keys.
one is ctrl + b for "bridge"
the other is ctrl + e for "Edit edges"


Can´t speak for him in person..but it is clearly shown in the vid.
Iit´s just native magic bevel..has been there for a long time.

I was not very interested to have been busy for a long time and thank you very much for answering. <3
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