Lightwave 3d Future Proff Features.

Earl Hinson

New member
Some great New features for Lightwave 3D. Should be Added in order for it to move forward into the future.

1) USD - Universal Scene Discription.
2) Open Subdivision 3.4
3) Animation Layers
4) Dynamic Motion Capture Streaming.
5) AMD Radeon Pro Render 3.0 Support.
6) AMD FSR Support.
7) Direct X12. Support.
8) Volken. 1.0. Shpport.


  1. I would like to see an integration of Modeler & Layout
  2. A nondestructive workflow using a form of modifier stacks.
  3. GPU Rendering
  4. Improved modeling tools.
  5. Increased speed by at least 4 times.


When, there is a confirmation of Lightwave not being discontinued and confirmed by vizrt and newtek themself as being as such, then I will add a huge list of suggestions.
Everyone should really consider that as well, is it really worth the time or the effort of deluding oneself ..if theres nothing planned for development?
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