Lightwave 3D Event at Vision West Nottinghamshire College, in the UK


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Lightwave 3D Event: Monday 20th July at Vision West Nottinghamshire College, UK. The Event is FREE. There is only 75 tickets available, so please don't book unless you are 100% committed to attending.

Hosted by Lino Grandi - 3D Content & Character Technology Lead at The LightWave 3D

Jonathan Alenska - Darkside Animation - The Legacy of Lightwave 3D.
Simon Smalley - Fuzzy Frog - Lightwave in gaming.
Andrew Comb - Freelance Artist and model maker - Lightwave Rendering.
Robert Taylor - 3D Designer – BYG Systems - Getting started with Lightwave 3D.
Mark Segasby - HDR Light Studio - The Art of Lighting.
Duncan Hewit - Albino Igil - Lightwave in Product design.
Ian Thompson - Fuzzy Frog - Lightwave for 2D Illustrations.
Andrew Otter – JCB - Lightwave in Production.
Ali Miah - Painting Pixals - The Benefits of Lightwave 3D. - scroll down to the events in July.
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