LightWave 3D Animation Gallery Opens with Todd Rundgren Tour Showcase Opportunity

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New at the LightWave 3D web page! The Animation Gallery, and it opens with the opportunity to have your work shown in Todd Rundgren's upcoming Utopia Reunion Tour!

NewTek wants to see your work and share it with the community. To that end, we have designed this gallery to provide an opportunity to show your work.

The process is simple: to submit your favorite animations, click on the "Submit Animation" button and follow the directions presented. Once your work has been uploaded, feel free to share the word so your friends, family and members of the community can show you some love.

Through April 7, Todd Rundgren and his team will be keeping an eye on the Gallery. They are looking for animations of utopian cityscapes and otherworldly natural vistas, including far away solar systems and the like. If your art is selected for use during the tour, you’ll get two VIP passes to a show near you and on-screen credits during the show. Again, to be eligible, you must submit by April 7:

LightWave 3D Animation Gallery

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