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I am back into LW after a long hiatus. There was a way to edit nodes on a surface texture back as far as 2012 but the Edit Nodes option is no longer visible in the Surface Editor. What I would like to do is to apply a transparency to a procedural texture but I see no way to bring up the node editor. I have included picture of panel. I am using the Standard Material type.


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If you refer to accessing it directly layered surface texture, it is there as a procedural texture called node editor, that is however more special.

if you refer to the newer material system panel and also the older layer layer.. it is there in the surface editor, top left next to file and preview and preset buttons you have the edit node graph, which perhaps should have had the name node edit intact as previously, but that is where you find it.
Or simply double click on the surface and node editor opens.

So for standard material you can access it by double clicking the surface layer, or click on the node graph, or add a texture layer in a specific channel and and procedural node editor layer and open the edit of some nodes in there, but it may be limited.
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I work in 2019. Tried to do something simple in 2018 awhile back & was lost. ;)

I think what you might be looking for is to simply Rt-Click on a surface in Surface Editor. The menu allows you to convert to Principled and from there you've access to Nodes. You might also want to convert some things to Images to replace the Standard items also in the Node editor.


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I just brought it up by accident. You just double-click on the Surface Name and the Node Editor comes up.
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