LightWave 3D 2018.0.7 & 2015.3 + Plugins | Cinema 4D R20 Studio (perpetual license) & Plugins for sale!


Big Kahuna
Retiring licenses for LightWave 3D v2018.0.7 & 2015.3, as well as plugin suites for each. Also includes LightWave 3D v11.6.3 with the same hardware ID (altho I don't know if the plugins in the bundle will run prior to v2015). The following is being sold as a package only (not breaking up the components, so please don't ask). This bundle has all the power to handle high-end visual effects, including fluid dynamics, explosion FX, ArchViz -- you name it!

Both LightWave3D 2018.0.7 & 2015.3 (Win64 Only), include:
  1. 3rd Power plugs (3D Sticker100, BooleanTool103,LatticeDeformer, LW Brush 104)
  2. Chronosculpt
  3. DB&W Tools v2.1 & 2018.0.8
  4. Deep FX Suite (Colorida, Deep Rising Commercial Build (professional fluid dynamics), VDB Splicer)
  5. Hurley plugs (Advanced Placement, PlaceIt & UP (Unified Physics Fluid Dynamics)
  6. Jawset TurbulenceFD (fluid dynamic smoke & explosion FX)
  7. LWCAD 2018.1 (LW 2018) & v5.51 (LW 2015.3)
  8. OD Tool Set
  9. TreesDesigner (makes custom trees & shrubs for LW)
Note: All serials & licenses for the above will be provided, but I cannot guarantee that transfers will be honored by third party plugin creators; some may have policies different than NewTek. A letter of transfer will be given for the original LightWave seats & plugins, which you can forward to NewTek & third party creators to prove ownership of the licenses. Any transfer fees or future upgrade costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Everything given runs perfectly as provided; we do not offer any support on installation, licensing or features.

Total for the 2 full LightWave versions and all the plugs combined is $800 (USD)
(Originally was going to price @ $1,000 total, but I know NewTek wants a $100 (USD) transfer fee per seat, so I've dropped my asking price accordingly to make it more affordable. Credit Card/PayPal only. Software will be delivered via electronic download once funds cleared by PayPal.

Also for Sale:

Maxon Cinema 4D R20 Studio (perpetual license) + XParticles
Also comes with Greyscale Gorilla HDRI plugin suites (HDRI Studio, Light Kit Pro v3, Texture Kit Pro v3)
$900 (USD)

If purchasing both the LightWave 3D bundle & Cinema 4D R20 Studio bundle together, will discount the entire package to $1500 (USD)

PM me if interested. Thank you. :)

Trey Lindsey





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