LightWave 3D® 2020.0.2 is available now


LW Beta Team Lead and Customer Support Lead
LightWave 3D® 2020.0.2 is available now in the Registration system as a free update for registered LightWave™ 2020 users.

This update introduces and fixes many things found by our internal testers during use of 2020 and 2020.0.1, and many that have been found by you, our end customers. Again, we wish to extend a hearty thank you for those, it's because of thoughtful and helpful users like you - that take the time to communicate to us the issues that you're having, that helps us make a better LightWave for all.

These include the return of the Ambient Light, fixes for FiberFX and OpenVDB working outside of configuration settings, OpenGL and Modeler visibility issues, and adjustments to a number of user settings that have been made to prevent issues. Not to mention, of course, a wealth of bug fixes, and feature requests being implemented.
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