LightWave 3D® 2019 Update Rev. 2019.0.3 is now Available in Registration

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LightWave 3D® 2019.0.3 is now available.

LightWave™ 2019.0.3 (Build 3117) Final Release Change Log – March 13, 2019

Bumped build number to 3117.

Unreal Bridge: Batching sending of meshes for potentially higher performance in scenes with many smaller objects

  • LB-4747 How to confuse the Hub/Layout
  • LB-5478 cloned image gets lost on reload
  • LB-5650 geometry is hidden behind the grid or the origin
  • LWB-4481 Selecting objects in Layout doesn't always work
  • LWB-4597 Frame Slider on Timeline is frozen when a viewport has been added
  • LWB-4641 OpenVDB saver not working with one input only (save frame).
  • LWB-4711 Relativity Rotation in Degrees button partially functional
  • LWB-4750 Preview messing up with ui_screen_scale_factors of non whole numbers
  • LWB-4820 Bones in LW2018 scenes and earlier with Use Morphed Positions enabled loaded into LW2019 as "Faster Bones" instead of "Full Bones (Morphed Positions)".
  • LWB-4894 This OpenVDB scene works well in 2019.0.1 but not in 0.2. Clamp particles radius to > 0.
  • LWB-4899 Instant crash in Layout - OpenVDB causing instability. make meshes not available in primitivetovdb node.
  • LWB-4903 Connecting nodes in OpenVDB causes hard crash. Fix velocity return.
  • LWB-4905 Creating preview skips through frames without resolving
  • LWB-4909 Activate Legacy HV crash
  • LWB-4911 Motion blur and OpenVDB freakout. Fix MB refresh when the source mesh is animated.
  • LWB-4913 Spin Edge Crash
  • LWB-4914 LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine flips the green channel
  • LWB-4916 ReplaceObjectLayer command not updating OpenGL with single layers
  • LWB-4919 Physical Sky in the popup appears as SunSky in the applied plugin list
  • LWB-4920 BandGlue error
  • LWB-4921 Background image not rendering in proper color space...
  • LWB-4924 Crashing when selecting items in Layout

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