LightWave 3D® 2019 Update Rev. 2019.0.2 is now Available in Registration

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LightWave 3D® 2019.0.2 is now available.

LightWave™ 2019.0.2 (Build 3116) Final Release Change Log - February 28, 2019

Bumped product version to 2019.0.2.
Set the build number to 3116

  • A better solution to the save/reload issue with hierarchies
  • Fixed issue with saving/loading parented meshes
  • LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Setting Metallic, Specular and Roughness textures to "Linear Color" samplers
  • Added "RotoFix" LScript (Layout Generic). Modifies the rotation keyframes of selected items so as to minimize the change in rotation between keyframes, while preserving the orientation. It fixes issues with rotation value wrap-arounds in baked motion.
    • Documentation: RotoFix is a Layout generic LScript that adjusts the rotation keyframes of a selected item, in order to correct for rotation value wrap-around (e.g. heading jumping from 179 degrees to -179 degrees, instead of going from 179 degrees to 181 degrees). This is important for correct interpolation (e.g. 179 degrees to -179 degrees is a change of 358 degrees, while 179 degrees to 181 degrees is a change of only 2 degrees, even though the initial and final orientation of the item is the same in both cases). It does this by minimizing the change in rotation values between keyframes, while keeping the resulting orientation of the item unaffected.
  • LB-4737 Address the compression library in the preview project
  • LB-5385 IKB Menu shows the wrong contents
  • LB-5395 Mouse pointer disappears over Surface Editor (guess mac only)
  • LB-5416 Mesh Part node took unused vertices as separate parts, which caused inconsistent part numbering when doing subdivision. Such vertices are now filtered out and won't create parts.
  • LB-5483 macOS: OpenVDB (and FBX API) initialization crashes when used by separate plugins.
  • LB-5536 Modeler: UV Map Jitter fails
  • LB-5544 Multi-threaded evaluation of ParticleInfo node failure.
  • LB-5614 When FX Emitter is set to Object-Vertices mode, when a particle is spawned inside an FX Collision eraser no further particles are spawned.
  • LB-5618 vdb offsets still wrong. implement resampletomatch for csg with different transforms.
  • LB-5639 VDB Noise difference between Fog Volume and Levelset. fix texture update when changing values. Soft textures like noise need to have more contrast to pickup the surface.
  • LB-5644 Backdrop colour is not colour corrected in opengl
  • LB-5645 OpenVDB - T Texture Changes not updating levelsets. Add a MasterHandler to sense LWEVNT_NOTIFY_MESHPOINTS_ALTERED events.
  • LB-5653 Some mesh won't export with "OBJ Remove Hidden" option active
  • LB-5655 Spot lights with R set to 0 don't render.
  • LB-5657 Isolated (-i) start of layout/modeler still updates assets
  • LB-5669 Mesh Part node took unused vertices as separate parts, which caused inconsistent part numbering when doing subdivision.
  • LB-5671 LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Set Mobility of imported Nulls to "Static" to avoid issues with parenting
  • LB-5672 macOS qttools plugin no longer succeeds at loading still images
  • LWB-4529 VR Camera stops rendering with certain node inputs
  • LWB-4561 Lights that allows Image inputs doesn't update when changing image.
  • LWB-4570 Pkg Scene handling image buffer cache incorrectly on Mac
  • LWB-4582 Dissolve has too strong reflections at higher values
  • LWB-4584 Shadow of material mixer is not correct
  • LWB-4586 UV Window - scale view bug
  • LWB-4607 Crash Transfer to Remote Assets on Interchange.
  • LWB-4608 Modeler FBX exporter versions differences
  • LWB-4612 Render Reflection and Refraction problem 2018 vs 2019
  • LWB-4617 Turning Cache Grid on in Gas Solver crashes when you try to simulate. Add additional checks for valid loading and pathing and files already in folder and option to clear them.
  • LWB-4625 Preview issues with .mov
  • LWB-4628 UDIM textures still NOT rendering at Correct output resolution
  • LWB-4629 Motion Mixer doesn't save External XChannels
  • LWB-4631 ParticleFX crash when using parent emitter nozzle when parent emitter has particles of zero duration.
  • LWB-4645 OpenVDB crash on load. fix evaluation during load.
  • LWB-4651 Problem with Wacom tablet
  • LWB-4652 Changes to plugin lists (e.g. mesh modifier list) made via commands (e.g. ApplyServerByItemID) did not update the panel (if open).
  • LWB-4654 Crash when trying to add Metamorphic to an object after another object has been deleted.
  • LWB-4656 Strange artifacts with Double Sided turned on
  • LWB-4657 Crash when trying to add Metamorphic to an object after another object has been deleted.
  • LWB-4660 Quicktime encoding options
  • LWB-4662 Gravity motion modifier plugin misbehaved after changing one of its settings.
  • LWB-4664 Sending layers from modeler to layout is now working.
  • LWB-4665 VPR is refreshing when no change in scene
  • LWB-4669 FBX export plugin does not recognize keystrokes
  • LWB-4671 Crash on Save and Exit
  • LWB-4696 Artifacts in raycast function of spatialquery
  • LWB-4699 Motion Buffer not flagged as expected in Image Filter
  • LWB-4700 -f flag not working (text size was ignored).
  • LWB-4708 LWXPanel header/docs discrepancy
  • LWB-4712: Relativity Panel (Dr. Equation Maker) is missing labels
  • LWB-4713 Advection.lws demo content makes Layout vanish in macOS
  • LWB-4720 OpenVDB instant crash, handle saving object case.
  • LWB-4741 changing the samples in an area light changes the light intensity
  • LWB-4753 LightWave Modeler application loses focus after switching between single view and quad view using a keyboard shortcut
  • LWB-4783 OpenGL in Modeler, background wires interfering with foreground.
  • LWB-4789 Raycasting broken in 2019?
  • LWB-4804 Sunsky no longer allows drag and drop reordering of suns
  • LWB-4810 Band saw pro tool-problem in 2019.0.1
  • LWB-4818 Abort trap: 6 when rendering with lwsn
  • LWB-4860 LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Lights parented to meshes are not parented correctly in Unreal
  • LWB-4861 LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Excessive baked animation envelope keys in Unreal Animation Sequences
  • LWB-4862 LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Images forced to "linear" in LightWave and used as "Color" samplers in Unreal Materials cause a Shader compilation error
  • LWB-4866 FPS Slider in Preview player non-functional
  • LWB-4868 LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Respect Y Flip setting in the NormalMap node to flip the Green channel in Unreal
  • LWXII-1928 - LightWave Bridge to Unreal Engine: Respect forced linear color space of images to Unreal Textures

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