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NewTek is pleased to announce the release of LightWave 3D® 2019, a new edition of the production-proven graphics and animation package that refines the artist’s workflow to make creation of complex, photo-real animation and imagery faster and more efficient. Leading the list of improvements are the revolutionary new integration tools with Unreal Engine for real time data transfer to the world’s leading game engine. The system performs automatic discovery to make the workflow entirely seamless.

Another major advance for LightWave users is the new Metamorphic system, which brings multipurpose animatable mesh sculpting and painting to Layout. Fully multi-threaded for fast operation, Metamorphic includes a wide range of brush options and controls, multiple animation modes, nonlinear interpolation, motion blur support and much more.

Additional Highlights:
  • New UV mapping and UDIM tile mapping tools and capabilities in Modeler
  • Smoothing Groups in Modeler for fine-tuned control of contours in models
  • Limited Bones mode
    • Set the number of bones that affect a given point to match the target game engine
    • Real-time optimizations to better match the bone system performance expected in game engines
  • Interchange Bridge for interactive FBX interchange; support for more FBX attributes
  • Shading Model Customization Tools
  • New Shape Primitives and tools
  • OpenVDB creation tools
  • Shading and Rendering Enhancements
    • Edge Shader Node simulates beveled or rounded edges without geometry
    • Patina Node adds wear and dirt to surfaces to give your world that lived-in look
    • Procedural Shader Node wraps classic LightWave™ procedural textures for Node Editor
    • NVIDIA OptiX™ Denoising for still images (requires NVIDIA graphics card)
    • Despike can reduce or eliminate artifacts for a render that has “fireflies”
    • Scientifically-accurate Physical Sky shader and SunLight light type.
  • Workflow and UI:
    • Display Scaling Options for high-resolution monitors and multiple monitor setups
    • Expanded Layout Undo System
    • Popup Menus now support mouse wheel, navigation keys, search and more
    • Node Graph controls for grid size, snap to grid, grid brightness and color, Tidy Nodes
    • Online Documentation adapts to the screen format of any device
    • “Managed portal” licensing option for large facilities. Purchase by special arrangement.

Availability & Pricing
LightWave 3D 2019 for Windows and Mac OS is available now for USMSRP $995.

Registered owners of any previous version of LightWave 3D can upgrade to LightWave 2019 for US$395, through March 31, 2019.

LightWave owners who are eligible for special pricing under the terms of a previous purchase will need to contact LightWave Customer Services directly for their purchase arrangements.

International pricing may vary.

Educational pricing is also available. Visit to purchase or to locate an authorized LightWave reseller.

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