LightWave 3D® 2019 is Now Available - Official Discussion Thread

Tim Parsons

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Question and I will preface this by saying I have not had time to read the entire thread so I am sorry if this was answered.

Does 2019 save files different than 2018? For example if I have someone make a scene for me and they are using 2019 will I be able to open it in my 2018 version? Thanks

Yes they do load in 2018 but you'll get some plugin errors depending on what they've done. Reasonable to expect that.


Another question - Does the 2019 trial run as fast as the 2019 I would buy? It seems a little slower in most everything I am doing so far. I am comparing 2018 to it and it just moves around and loads slower so I got curious.


Content for 2019 demo is different from the content of the full version? I have seen many examples in groups on FB where scenes from content for 2019 were mentioned which are not in my demo version.


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Content for 2019 demo is different from the content of the full version? I have seen many examples in groups on FB where scenes from content for 2019 were mentioned which are not in my demo version.

I have both the trial and full version in my account. The content links for each point to the same location. You may be disappointed to realize that the majority of the 2 GB download is identical to the 2018 content. There are only a few LWS files added to showcase new 2019 features.


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...It's nice to get cool content but to me it's more important NewTek concentrates on improving the product itself with their limited resources.

I assume the general expectation of content is for feature demonstration. In that regard, it is important to include...for the benefit of training users and for the benefit of marketing the product.

While the minimalist pitch was sufficient for me to buy, the health of the program is questionable if NT persists in hiding its product. I'm hopeful NT will soon remake/restore the demonstration videos that were yanked from the features page ( ).


LW2019 runs faster in some situations but in others slower (like a deformer on a high poly object) for me. Overall OpenGL / viewport performance in LW is a multitude slower that in other 3d applications with heavy scenes.

I was beginning to think it was just me. I was comparing 2018 and 2019 trial and while it was just a few seconds it seemed to go slower. Still cool stuff though.


I haven't played much with 2019, but I have tested two things that matter the most to me. First is Layout viewport speed. With my Quadro K6000 I am able to see comfortable fps in viewport with as much as 83 millions polygons (GPU at 100%, GPU memory 100% full). I am really glad to see this and I think this is enough for me for many years to come. The second is render and render speed. Have only tried little scene with glass cosmetics jar in a "studio" environment with many lights and difusors witch I use for compositing. So render time in 2018.07 is over 9 minutes while 2019.01 is less than 6 minutes. Not only time has changed but the render, too and I think for the better. There is a little detail on the jar which improves realism I think and can be achieved in 2018 with increasing reflection recursion. Not that sure about that.


There have been a few noted improvements that aren't brought up by the official demo videos. I wish I had the 2019 manual in PDF fashion so I could leave notes and bookmarks on what isn't fully covered. (Of course, that requires a pro PDF reader, which I won't purchase from Adobe.)


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I haven't tried it myself, but in the Microsoft Edge browser, you can apparently leave annotations and notes on web pages in Windows 10.



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You are putting together pieces of two different things, the price you paid versus what the announcement said. They do not go together.

The announcement for 2019 says that the price from any previous version is $395 USMSRP, except if you are entitled to a lower price under the terms of a previous special purchase. If you bought the 2019 upgrade and were charged $295, that means you were entitled to that price under the terms of a previous purchase you made.

To clear up another narrative that seems to have cropped up from nowhere - no, when the introductory pricing ends, that does not mean owners of previous versions have to buy at full price of a new seat. We've never done that, and have no intention of ever doing so. We typically have had tiers, so for example there would be a price for those who upgrade from 2018, and a price for those upgrading from any earlier version. We'll have a specific announcement on that pricing before the introductory offer ends. (Just for reference, I think that it was $495 and $595 after the introductory offer last year, if I recall correctly.)

Where will that announcement present itself? Been on board since LW7, and it's great to see LW continue to develop. I want to support that progress, but sadly, money is indeed an issue. I purchased the upgrade to 2018 not too much more than 6 months ago, and it's hard to lay out another $400. Every little bit off will help.
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