Lightwave 2018.0.7 Catalina 10.15.7 Problems. Modeler unable to work with layout


Hello there:

I am having the problem described above. Layout and Modeller aren't talking to each other anymore. This is on a Mac Book Pro 2014. This is the same laptop where I've been using Lightwave for the last 7 years but with a previous OS. I was forced to update to Catalina for other reasons and Modeller-Layout connection started to misbehave a bit, but it was still usable. Until now. It just stopped working.

If I start a scene from zero the connection still works, but as soon as I create an object in modeller and send it to layout, it stops working. If I try to go back to modeller clicking the "modeller" button in Layout, Modeller crashes. Happens on every attempt. All the time.

I've reinstalled the system. I've wiped lightwave completely and reinstalled from scratch. Still doesn't work.

Now, the curious thing is, I have another computer (mac mini 2020) with exactly the same Lightwave and OS versions and it works. Sometimes modeller crashes but upon restarting it reconnects with layout.

Any ideas?.

Does the lightwave uninstaller removes absolutely every associated file in the system? or perhaps there is some un-removed pesky little file causing this problem?

Is it perhaps a conflict with another software?

Would upgrading to Big Sur do any difference?

Will I have to upgrade to 2020 (despite all the stuff happening) to have a working tool?

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