Lightwave 11 Particles Transition to Text


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So I am trying to learn Cinema 4D and have came across some pretty cool tutorials using what they call PolyFx. I was wonder if Lightwave had any similar tool sets because it seems like a simple setup in C4D and I can only think of complex ways of doing this in Lightwave but I am new to the effects part of Lightwave also. Here is an example of something I would like to do in Lightwave: . I was wondering if something like this would be the best method to use in Lightwave to get what was doen in the CD4 Tutorial: Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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It can be done in LW but the UI gets in the way which stops it from being a seamless and creative process (& you'll need DP Kit). Also, modeling in LW is currently a destructive process. I'm really hoping a lot I this changes in LW12 but for now I would say try it in LW as R&D but generally (esp if it's a paid job) do it quickly in C4D (there's a reason it's an industry standard for moGraph!).

Do a search for posts by XswampyX on the forums, he's brilliant at this type of stuff.
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