LightWave 11.0 Release Schedule Update

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Message from Rob Powers and the NewTek 3D Team:

The LightWave Team is pleased to announce that LightWave 11 is feature complete. The 3D team is now working to bring the new workflows in LightWave 11 up to the high standards that we are committed to provide to our LightWave users. We are engaging a period of refining, optimizing and stabilizing the product in order to ensure our customers a great release experience. We will complete final tasks and work with our testing groups to find and resolve any issues. Finally, once we have tested the resolutions, we will be ready to deliver the product in late January of 2012.

We are resolved to follow up the very successful November 2011 event with a LightWave 11.0 release that provides a great user experience right out of the box. This schedule adjustment will ensure that LightWave 11.0 receives the proper finishing touches to bring you, the LightWave community, a polished release with major new creative capabilities that you will enjoy working with.

A Discussion thread for this announcement is here:

And best wishes for a Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all, from all of us here at NewTek!

Rob Powers
Vice President
NewTek 3D Development

NewTek 3D Team
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