LightWave 10 Has Arrived


NewTek - VP Marketing
Hi all,

We are very excited to let you know that LightWave 10 is shipping. Read the press release here. You will find numerous updates to the LightWave website, a new LightWave 10 video, the LightWave 10 Trial Edition and more.

Make sure you take advantage of the limited time special offer. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on your LightWave 10 purchase, get a price guarantee on the next five LightWave releases, access to LightWave CORE preview builds, membership in the elite HardCORE community, a free LightWave 10 Rigging: Revealed DVD, plus much more. As a LightWave 10 owner you will also the get updated LightWave 10 with CORE when it ships in 2011.

Discussion starts here.

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