LightWave 10.1 Known Issues and FiberFX Workflow Notes

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Known Issues:

Graph Editor
  • Hotkey input sometimes is misdirected to text field.
  • Graph editor sidebar inaccessible if the user tries to use 10.0 configs. The user must refresh configs for 10.1.

  • Turning off the color space option Color Correct OpenGL will cause VPR to mismatch with the F9/F10 renderer. For better workflow, the behaviors of the OpenGL views and of VPR will need to be separated, but the scope of the work will out that outside the 10.1 cycle.
  • Viper is not compatible with VPR and should not be used at the same time (it WILL crash).
  • FiberFX support in VPR is still preliminary and will have stability issues. Both systems will be developed for improved interoperation and support in each new development cycle.

Important! Compatibility Notes on LightWave 10.1 Scene and Config Files:

Do not use 10.0 or earlier config files with 10.1, or vice versa.

The best way to insure this is to allow 10.1 to use the default location that it will create for its own config files.

If you are redirecting your config files instead of using the default locations, then you must make sure you are not redirecting to the same location and thus sharing the same config files between 10.0 and 10.1.

Do not run 10.0 or earlier versions and 10.1 at the same time.

If more than one version of a LightWave application is run, they will all use the same Hub. When you are running one version of LightWave and decide you wish to run any other version, you must shut down the applications and manually close the Hub before launching the next version.

Do not attempt to use LightWave 10.1 scene files using color space profiles in v10.0 or earlier versions.

There is a critical difference in that quotation marks are in use around the path and file name information for many of the scene file and config file color space parameters. This was instituted because many users are using colorspace profiles with spaces in the path or the name. Adding the quotes is the only reasonable option to address this.

This does mean that unless hand-edited to remove the quotation marks, 10.1 Scene files and config files are going to confuse earlier versions. Please understand, we will not be able to patch earlier versions to retrofit them for 10.1 content. Users will need to observe the precautions noted above for operating 10.1 and earlier editions on the same system.

What happens and what to do:

If you try to load 10.0 after running 10.1 or having used a 10.1 scene in 10.0, and the UI is showing strange colors and missing all text, then you need close out the app, clear the config files for 10.0 and restart.

FiberFX Workflow Notes

Things to keep in mind about FiberFX:

  1. You should use only single layer objects to generate FiberFX fur if you plan to use the LWDynamics option (that is still experimental).
  2. Any subdivision order may now be used for FiberFX objects.
  3. For LWDynamics to work properly, the surface of the mesh generating the guides must be called "Default."
  4. If you wish to bake to an MDD, you need to do so after LWDynamics has been activated and created the guides, or you will have a point order/quantity mismatch.
  5. Never save an object when LWDynamics is active, unless you specifically wish to save a version with the guides added to the real geometry of the object. If you do that, however, next time you load the scene LWDynamics will attempt to create new guides on the object. If you do want to save a version with the guides as geometry, use Save Transformed instead.
  6. When using LWDynamics, you must turn off Render Lines on the Render Globals panel, or the guides will be rendered in the image.
  7. When you turn on the FiberFX Radiosity setting, check to confirm that the GI settings panel has Volumetric Radiosity on as well, in order to get a proper render.
  8. FiberFX support in VPR is still preliminary and will have stability issues. Both systems will be developed for improved interoperation and support in each new development cycle.

Important changes to FiberFX:

  1. Volume render of Fibers is now much faster than before.
  2. Volume render quality is very similar to the Pixel Filter render now, using the same settings.
  3. LWDynamics mode for dynamic fur has been added, but please consider it still experimental.

Other FiberFX info (and videos) coming soon from NewTek.

Discussion Thread for Known issues:

Post with more FiberFX info:
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