LightWave™ 10 Update

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NewTek - VP Marketing
Hi all,

We want to share with you the latest information on LightWave 10.

The advancements made to NewTek LightWave™ 10 provide users with awesome, new capabilities that benefit their 3D pipeline in significant ways, such as:

• Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) delivers instant results with real-time views of scenes and objects, that include interactive lighting and surfacing, support for volumetrics, including HyperVoxels, volumetric lights, and many third party volumetric plug-ins, animation preview support, and an intuitive screen grab workflow to quickly save iterations of your work in progress.

• New data interchange tools provide an updated MDD workflow with integrated support for Autodesk® Geometry Cache, which includes multi-baking and a nodal MDD player, along with FBX® and COLLADA™ support, making it easy to move data from one application to another.

• Linear Colorspace Workflow supports consistent gamma, color space and custom Look Up Tables (LUTs), which give you more realistic real-world lighting values and help maximize compositing flexibility in a professional pipeline.

• Virtual Studio Tools offer support for the InterSense VCam and 3Dconnexion line of 3D mouse products, for a true, interactive virtual experience with your 3D content within Layout and Modeler. Fly through 3D scenes in real time, with control of light placement and camera, and interactive model manipulation directly in LightWave Layout and Modeler.

• New stereoscopic camera rig with support for both parallel and convergent setups, including a full Anaglyph Stereoscopic preview, with real-time interaction in the OpenGL window and full support for dynamic convergence (zero parallax) and dynamic eye separation (interocular) envelope values.

• Updated and refined user interface, with interactive channel sliders, added control for custom colors and numerous workflow enhancements, like smarter default values, which together, deliver a more dynamic user experience.

LightWave HardCORE users worldwide have previewed LightWave 10 and have shared that it provides a huge improvement in their workflow and results. LightWave 10 consists of Modeler, Layout and CORE. The upcoming release in Q4 2010 includes LightWave 10 Modeler and Layout with pre-release builds of CORE, delivered through the HardCORE forums. LightWave CORE will officially begin shipping with LightWave Modeler and Layout in 2011 and will be delivered to LightWave 10 owners at no additional cost.

If you have not yet upgraded to LightWave 10, you can continue to purchase LightWave through our Special Limited Time Offer of US$495 for upgrades and US$895 for full units. This Special Offer includes membership in the LightWave HardCORE community with all of the HardCORE benefits. In 2011, when an updated version of LightWave 10 ships with Modeler, Layout and CORE together, the price will increase to US$695 for upgrades and US$1495 for full units.

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