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I was wondering how to convert these layers to nodes. I attached an image of the Texture Editor for the Color of an object. It uses Value, Weight Map and Dirt Procedural set to alpha. I got the Value in a Color Layer, Weight Map on a Weight Map Node (Duh) but it's the Dirt set to Alpha that is stumping me. I understand the power of Nodes but I've yet found a real explanation on how they are used. I have some characters with a huge amount of layers with weight maps if I can see how to do this simple texture the rest is gravy. If anybody knows of any tutorials on the node editor feel free to point the way. Thanks.


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Use Color Mixer node, put Color Value in FgColor input,
choose your BgColor (same as default color in surface editor),
use Alpha as Opacity input in Mixer node,
You have 2 Alphas, so you need also to multiply (Math Scalar)
these two values (weight and dirt alphas)
and take the result as opacity in Mixer.

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