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I use a lot the Layer Presets in the Buffers for displaying the name of the guests. It would be nice if u could add a red square, or something to be distinct wich Layer I pressed.


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'the write stuff'
Interesting, thanks.

One thing to consider is that the Buffers tab actually shows the current state of the content, whether the content is visible elsewhere in the UI or not. This is often (but not always, during transitional states) the same thing as showing you the current preset.

Can you elaborate a bit on why you think this would helpful? Is this, for example, because in some cases the text in a Data preset isn't depicted in some layer states?


Hi! Yes, i am talking about Data presets, I used the same DSK for names, but i changed the Data presets. I had to be carefull to change wich name is on that Data preset. Sorry my english, i dont know if u understand my problem...please let me know. Maybe u can resolve this. I also wrote to fogbugz but the case is closed, no replys.
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The active data preset and the active comp are two feedback areas that should be addressed, where there isn't anything right now. I've got a workaround, albiet outside the system, using Central Control to show which is selected. It tracks what's punched on the control surface only, there's no info that comes from clicks in the UI (not an issue as it's much easier to punch a button than to drill down with multiple mouse clicks).


Can somebody make this? Fogbugz is closed my status, here nobody answer and tells me nothing. Newtek is listen the custommers askings? Sorry, others says that vMix thats why groved over the years: because they are interacting with custommers...
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