Launching VT5- 2 copies?


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When we launch VT5 (using Windows 7 Professional) and the program loads modules from the previous use, it crashes. Task manager shows TWO VT5 programs running: Newtek [VT5] and Newtek [VT5] 100209. The number following the second occurrence is always the same. If we shut down one instance, they both close. Restarting the toaster results in the screen mentioning it wasn't shut down correctly. We go ahead and load and VT5 launches fine- with no modules loaded. We load the modules and all is well. Our VT5 system didn't exhibit this behavior last school year, and we've only noticed the issue since school has started back up. After a VT5 crash, the OS seems to be fairly unstable- with browsers, etc... acting sluggish or freezing.

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