Landscape drawing


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Another Landscape painting at the dimensions of 16 x 32. oil on canvas.

If you like different mediums my I suggest PaintStorm. It's $20 and is a mix of photoshop and painter. I use it on my surface pro 3. Nice thing is it has a perspective setting so you can plaint in depth.



Nice! I gotta get back to basics like that again for a while.

Isn´t the oil price to expensive nowadays:D

very nice painting from macb, lovely mood, and you get the feeling of that it has rained during night and the morning and sun is rising, trucks and folks are off to drive to work.

I would also like to go back to basics and paint with oil, I had some sets with expensive oil colors many many years ago, but I also didn´t have room for it, and the ventilation
wasn´t enough, but I loved the media.

would probably not have time though, I would also preferably pick up modeling in clay and sculpting before painting.

Looks like the painting by macb is done with pallette knife only?


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Thanks for the comments guys,

I haven't found using oils much more costly than using acrylic or other paints.
Though it depends where you get them from and what type. Michael's art store is probably the most
expensive place. Winsor and Newton also has a brand called winton which are cheaper since they use less pigment.

I use gamsol as a solvent (which is odorless) and a medium of 50% stand oil and 50% gamsol for more blending.
the only time I've needed ventilation was when varnishing or trying some damar varnish in a medium.
For the most part I like the smell of oils :D

Good eye Prometheus!!! I did use a palette knife for the urban sunset painting.

Wow PaintStorm reminds me of Aura video paint MSherak!

hope to see some of your paintings...
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