Landscape drawing


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Been getting into drawing more landscapes lately.
Drawn from a photo taken while on a nature walk in Brampton Ontario.
used conte pencils on toned paper. 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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crispy bacon
You captured it well! I love the bold colors and the fire which makes it vivid. Van Gogh did similar pieces. You are talented bro :)


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Some digital painting steps done with ArtRage over a couple lunch breaks.
worked from a photo taken at the Pier in Hamilton Ontario.



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Painted from a photo I took at a place called Forks of the credit river.
My Girlfriend and I went hiking there last year on one of the coldest days of the winter.
I lost my lens cap for my camera while we were walking but was too cold to go back to look for it.
When I look at the pictures taken there I'm always looking to see if I can spot my lens cap!

Merry Christmas everyone! :)



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Wanted to start 2015 right so I took a day off work and spent it creating what I plan to turn into a series of landscape paintings. Originally painted this scene using ArtRage, then used that as reference for a traditional oil painting.

Dimensions are 32 x 16 inches by a 1.5 inch profile. will post more pics when I get the hanging wires screwed in and hung up.




Kamehameha Chameleon
I REALLY like the dusk intersection. It feels like a wet, rainy sundown. Nice use of the media. I love texture in paintings, and the colors are great.

The stylization is really nice too because you can't necessarily tell if the reference was 40 years ago or last week. Give the audience enough but keep them guessing.
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