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Hi, I came in this morning and my waterchill system had gotten a leaky water pump. the water all leaked out so the CPU's were no longer being cooled, and my system had shut down. The water cooling is for my dual AMD workstation CPU's...

Now I have a question, the system had shut down because of the chips overheating. I fix the waterpump and turn it back on and all seems fine but...the system totally froze like it never does, where it has to be shut down and turned back on. I turn it back on and it won't even post.

I turn it off, wait an hour, and then turn it on and it is back up and running. Now the question, should the CPU's be considered just fine since the system is running, or are they now skiddish/unreliable due to the overheating issue, even though the system had auto shutdown? What do you think about this?

Again, my CPU's had no cooling, the system auto shut down, I fix the cooling problem and start it up again. Should I consider these CPU's to be damaged or should I figure that since the system is running they should be just fine and go on using the system?
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Early AMDs wouldn't shut down when overheated, but the newer ones should be fine, assuming that when your pump leaked, it didn't leak on anything important.

If your system just ran out of water, it would take a bit of time for the CPUs to heat up. Remember, the water block will have as much mass as your average heat sink, so no water would be like the fan on a traditional heat sink going out. It'll overheat, but it will take a minute or two for it to happen.

I've had pumps go out on my water cooled Xeon VT, but they've never cracked. What brand pumps are you running? Did it crack at the impeller, the housing, or was it at the connecters?


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It is more likely that you have water somewhere try drying the system board off with a hair dryer.

doh! miss read that, if it rebooted it works, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I would back anything mission critical though and have a plan in place for system failure.
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I have to agree with original1. I had a very similar problem when I put liquid cooling onto my video card and it leaked. That was about a year ago. No issues in that time.


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I've had numerous hard shut down crashes or power losses in the past that yielded some unusual results upon rebooting. After one or two complete shutdowns and restarts, things were back to normal. Most likely buggy bios or system software recoveries. Those events always had me on pins and needles at the time, but once past I quickly forgot about them and didn't notice any further effects that I could attribute to the original crash. If your system components are now 100% operational and there are no major glitches in the next few days of use, I'd say you're good to go.
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