Kryslin's lScripts

Happy 2 Help.

I'll check the ef_ site later. I've a couple others of his I like & use often.
yeah, too bad it is down, he had several nice ones,
but he has been doing other things for many years afaik, and maintaining a site can be a drag, i know.
hopefully they can be stored somewhere.



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I should probably have a go at rewriting curves <-> lines in Python. At the very least, it would execute faster.

Nice of the author to post the .ls file instead of the .lsc.

would be Cool.

might run overall faster than the .ls too, who knows.

yeah, Dan and many other Wavers are cool like that.



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Well, this has been an interesting last few days...

I've managed to crack the problem of setting item constraints parameters from a script, without resorting to loading from temporary scene files.
Granted, it only works in 2018 and up, but it's a neat solution, and fast.

I'd like to thank Ryan Roye for his assistance and answering my questions.
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