Keyer macro in VTScript


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I created a keyboard macro to switch Chroma Key on/off. Not too difficult and it makes life easier. Now for the harder question...

Is there a way from within a macro for the Keyer to switch a specific source to Preview? The idea is that we almost always key the same source. It's easy from the keyboard to do this (press the number key that matches the source), but I'd really like to automate this so that when I use the Keyer macro it first switches the key source to Preview.

Any ideas? Please let me know. Thanks.


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I can't help you with the script, but maybe it'll comfort you to know I'm pretty sure you're not going to need it with VT[5].


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Unfortunately, VT5 is not an option for us right now due to cost. If anyone can help with the VT Script issue I would appreciate it.

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