Key to toggle "chroma key" button in switcher on/off


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(It's almost like, once I've posted in the first two threads, I feel like I have to post in this thread... :D)

Is there, or can there be, a key in the TriCaster to toggle the usage of chroma keying on and off? As I mentioned in another thread, we're experimentng with a top-of-screen score/running clock application on top of which the game camera(s) are keyed. When we want to do a nifty transition, though, other than a straight cut, we need to disable chroma key so that we can set the 'next' source up properly.

I actually found some of the ToasterScript files in c:\TriCaster\Skins\BlackBoxDesktop\Live_Tab\Switcher\Common Support that seem to control the keyboard functions, but in reading the code, I didn't see anything that looked like it might do it. (If there's a ToasterScript function for it, I'd be happy to try putting it into one of those script files. :tsktsk: )




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Chromakey Active keyboard shortcut

Look in "VT4\Skins\Keyer\User Scripts\ReadMe.txt". This will show all TScript commands available to keyer. For what you need, place the following code in a file named "MoreKeys.ToasterScript"
and put the file in :VT4\Skins\Keyer\User Scripts\"

// Toggle Chromakey Active button
CreateShortCut ("Shift s", code(
if (!IsActive())
), "Always Hidden", 100)

To use on switcher's Tabbed keyer as well, add a User Scripts folder at
VT4\Skins\TabbedSwitcher\Tabs\Keyer\User Scripts
and place a copy of the file in there as well

- Aussie

ToasterScript commands for Chroma Keyer

int GetSmoothness
int GetTolerance()
bool IsActive()
bool IsChromaKey()
bool IsLinearLumaNegative()
bool IsLumaNegative()
bool IsLumaPositive()
SetLinearChroma(bool default=true)
SetLinearLumaNegative(bool default=true)
SetLinearLumaPositive(bool default=true)
SetLumaPositive(bool default=true)
SetLumaNegative(bool default=true)
DynamicGamut GetColor() e.g. GetColor():{SetRed(0) SetGreen(100) SetBlue(10)}

An example of using these with the right button context menu
AddMenuItem("%Keyer Commands", code( 0 ) )
AddMenuItem("Disable Keyer", code( Disactivate() ) )
AddMenuItem("Hard Luma +", code( SetLumaPositive() ) )
AddMenuItem("Hard Luma -", code( SetLumaNegative() ) )
AddMenuItem("Linear Luma +", code( SetLinearLumaPositive() ) )
AddMenuItem("Linear Luma -", code( SetLinearLumaNegative() ) )
AddMenuItem("Linear Chroma", code( SetLinearChroma() ) )
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