K2fW is out, will Nevron support it?


Electron wrangler
Simple question: The new Kinect (2) for Windows is out. Does LW3DG plan to add support to Nevron any time soon?


Ryan Roye

I wanna see more demos of the Kinect2 in a 3d studio environment. Higher fidelity is nice... but I'm not really sold on the improvements over the old Kinects yet. If the side-by-side comparison of the old/new kinect (say, using an IPIsoft 2-3 kinect setup) isn't substantially better, it's hard to justify the cost.


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iPi Soft says the accuracy of Kinect 2 for Windows is dramatically improved with with their upcoming iPi Mocap Studio 3. They were also able to get multiple Kinect 2 devices to work so I'm very excited about this. (At present, I use three 'old' Kinects with the current iPi Mocap Studio 2 software.)

iPi Soft doesn't use the Microsoft SDK but I'm sure this news also bodes well for software that does (like Nevronmotion.)

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