Just starting LScripting...


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Hi, just started LScripting and I was trying to get it to read morph data from a point and then transfer that data to another point. Once I get the data I'm pretty sure I will be able to transfer it. I have been searching but I can't seem to find if I can even get all that info from a point.

This is in Modeler, by the way.
here's a sample that might set you on the right direction:

src = points[1]; // source point
tgt = points[2]; // target point

vmap = VMAP(VMMORPH); // vmap constructor

while(vmap && vmap.type == VMMORPH) // cycle through vmaps
  if(vmap.isMapped(src)) // checks if src point has this particular vmap
    val = vmap.getValue(src); // get the value of the src
    vmap.setValue(tgt,val); // sets value of tgt point based on val
  vmap = vmap.next();

note that i havent tested the script above. but the process is somehting like it.
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