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I have ChronoSculpt. I love it.

That being said, I started thinking about how I can use this program in my pipeline my brain began to imagine what type of animation program I could envision. Then, I began to speculate. Here are my speculated ideas for what I wish I could do in this program.

1. Load my model (I'm mostly a character animator; so, my model would be mostly human type characters)

Speculation - Add bones to ChronoSculpt:
2. Rig character (even basic autorig type setup)

3. Someway to bind mesh to rig (I have Messiah and love Effectors and not having to worry about weightmaps)

Speculation - Dynamic MDD:
4. Animate character movement with rig. ChronoSculpt would be able to generate an .mdd file on the fly as I am animating and reloading that back onto my model. After initial animation is blocked out (or completed), I would be able to go back and sculpt out the mesh for problem areas (akin to corrective morphs for elbows, shoulders, etc). I'd have the ability to copy and paste morphs, apply morphs several times with varying ease in/out (think of your character breathing while walking or running) and various other abilities (hand poses maybe).

5. Bring in audio file for lip sync and sculpting of morphs for facial animation and being able to copy/paste those.

6. Once all is complete, export out final .mdd and then bring back to LW for render.

Again this is only speculation but I can see the benefit of bones and mesh manipulation via sculpting. Just speculating about ideas. I know Messiah has Point Animation, but I like CS's timeline and copy/paste morph and the visual feedback of having them on the timeline.

After posting, I feel I left out the main reason for my speculation. As an artist, I want to be an artist. So, to be able to directly manipulate my characters (via just grabbing the mesh and move it to where I want it) and not having to worry about settings, or turning plug-ins on, setting parameters, etc. would be greatly beneficial. I love being able to do that in CS. However, I first have to animate elsewhere and bring in an .mdd. It would be nice to animate in CS and then do all the things it currently does.
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