Just loaded VT5


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I just loaded VT5. I used to have VT4, do i have to reinstall 3d arsenal to get it to set up in lightwave 8.5 that came with VT?


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Not certain, but I do not think so....

Try opening modeler. Look for the 3DA tab, and try using easy text. That should tell you quick. All the content should still be there.


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You won't have the Arsenal tabs in your new LW. I assume you will get them back with an Arsenal uninstall/reinstall, but I didn't bother, preferring to just load what I need from the scene directory.
I may change my mind when I get into modeller, however -- I have not had occasion to build anything from scratch yet.....

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You will have to re copy your plugins and re copy the configs.
There are tutorials for this and current configs at

You will need to grab the plugin (The Toasterdudes folder) from your 3D Arseanl CD and copy it to your LightWave plugins folder. Then rename that folder 3D Arsenal Plugins instead of Toasterdudes.

Once configs and plugins are n place you need to open LightWave and re scan the plugins.

There are complete instructions on how to copy the plugins and configs and re scan the plugins at the link I listed above.

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