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I have editied a few videos using the SpeedEdit that came with my Trike 300. I have edited mostly with Premiere. I have also used Vegas and FCP. One extremely irritating thing SE does is jump around a clip when selected. When I start getting into precise edits, I want the timeline marker to stay put when I select a clip. In the preferences, the options are JUMP TO START, JUMP TO CENTER, and JUMP TO END. I would like to see a DO NOT JUMP option.

Maybe this request is all for not since I am sure SpeedEdit Extreme will be released shortly. :D


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Are you saying that you have selected a clip, then precisely positioned the edit line to a position on that clip then selected another clip and expect the edit line not to move from the first selected clip?

If so, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of video editing?

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Track Clip

What is track clip for? How is it designed to help us? What definition of track is it? What hot-Key turns it on or off?

These and other questions have plagued me for years. I always thought it was a documented bug.

(Any bug can be turned into a feature by documenting it.)
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